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Great Guana Cay has come a long way from a little fishing village of only 75 people.. We are in the middle of growth spurt and just came off one of our best years ever in the hospitality industry.


As you know so much changes and at the same time some of the important stuff doesn't change at all.. You can still find Milo coolin out at his fruit stand, and our famous fig tree is still standing and will out live all of us. We have a new neat boutique on the harbour front called "Gone Conching" that is located in front of the Pubic dock. Becky is the store manager and she is super nice and helpful.


Kid's Cove is a island style bar that is located right next to Milos fruit stand. Forest and Edmond Pinder are the owners and father and son. They serve ice cold drinks and have sushi on the weekends.. They are born and bred Guana Cay boys and easy going as they come, so stop by and visit with them.


Island Flavors is my favorite spot on the island to grab some food.. It is located directly accross from Milo's shack right on the water. Cameal is the chef, and only cooks from the heart. Get the "chicken in the bag" crispy and trust me get ready for finger lickin chickin.

Let's not forget a longtime Nipper tridition the world famous BAREFOOT MAN!!! 


Concert dates this year are March 13th and 14th with Sea"n B!!!!


TWO NEW CDs...Check these out:

Bare Essentials has 63 songs - the best most-requested tunes from the last 3 decades - And what a deal at $20! (includes postage) - order now

Beach Bummin' Around - The latest with the latest songs... as always the tunes are rummy, funny, and toe-tappin' Barefoot Man style. 12 new songs and 3 pulled outof the archives - more info here 

We sell Great Guana Cay Maps.

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